Uzbekistan is a country with natural exotic, where hospitality and openness of the people is the business card.

Many have probably heard about wonderful holidays in Uzbekistan. Indeed, why Uzbekistan is so remarkable and why you should spend your holidays in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is old and diverse country. The age of most cities is over 2500 years.

Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, winning by their mosques and madrassahs are covered with a variety of frescoes, resembling heavenly glaze. During a unique tour to Uzbekistan, organized by Peopletravel Company, you will hear stories about the great conquests of Alexander the Great, his wife Roxana, Bactrian princess, the great and cruel Tamerlane and his favorite grandson - Ulugbek, a great scientist.

Uzbekistan, Khiva

Khiva, rightfully, pretends to the title of "the Seventh Wonder of the World", thanks to its true atmosphere of "the era of the beginning of time." Khiva is the open-air museum. And the core of this museum is Ichan-Kala fortress.

In the north-east of the Uzbek city Urgench there is a land of fifty fortresses or “Elik-Kala”.

One of the most noted fortresses is Ayaz-Kala. It can be seen from afar, because it is on high natural upland. From here there is an excellent panorama of the surrounding desert.

In fact, the fortress has only parts of some walls.

Yurt camp in Uzbekistan

Not far from the fortress there are yurts. Yurt camp is an exotic type of accommodation for tourists.

In some kilometers to the yurt camp there is a disappearing salt lake Ayaz.

The view from the camp on Ayaz-Kala is magnificent. Around there are endless desert steppes and silence.

Bukhara was the main city of Sogdiana. In the VII century in Bukhara religious complexes of Islam: mosques, minarets, madrasahs, were erected.

The city is associated with Avicenna, Omar Khayam, and is also considered the birthplace of Hodja Nasreddin, the hero of anecdotes and edifying stories.

The city gained the present-day appearance in the XVI-XVII centuries, when most habitable and religious buildings were built. More than 140 monuments of the Muslim era, including the walls of the ancient citadel remained till today.

As compared with the chamber graceful Khiva, beautiful and cozy Bukhara, Samarkand seems ceremonial, huge, and he is battling its splendor on the spot.

Samarkand was almost fully wiped from the face of the earth by the Mongols of Genghis Khan. Then Tamerlan returned Samarkand to life. And in Ulugbek’s time, many madrassahs were built in the city. This way Samarkand became the scientific capital of the East .

Tashkent, the capital, is a large city, the population of which is more than 2.5 million people.

Since the XI century the city has been known as Tashkent, which means "Stone city". Being situated in the oasis on the border of tribes and nations, the city often passed from hand to hand, was destroyed and burnt down, But each time Tashkent restored its walls and its life anew. Numerous sights of Tashkent became the witnesses of history.

Uzbekistan is known not only for its cultural and historical heritage, as the country is connected with many famous personalities, but also excellent cuisine.

Recently, gastronomic tours to Uzbekistan are gaining more and more popularity.

Uzbek cuisine is considered the richest in Central Asia. At the intersection of trade culinary traditions meet and mix. So there are many kinds of dishes and ways of cooking them. Some dishes as pilaf, lagman, manty and others, are the traditional Asian dishes.

Vacation in Uzbekistan is not just a history, it is colors of oriental bazaars, such as Siab in Samarkand, famous Gijduvan ceramics, silk handmade carpets, famous Bukhara coining or gold embroidery.

Bazaars in Uzbekistan

No matter what you will bring with you from your trip: beautiful handmade ceramics, silk scarves maybe even carpets or large blankets, made in the style of "suzane", or funny little magnets or figures - in any case, a sunlight will remain in your  heart for a long time.